EuroMillions trivia

If you are lucky person and fan of lotteries, for sure you know something about EuroMillions – the biggest European lottery.

Why EuroMillions is so big and so popular? Well, what makes it the biggest lottery in Europe, is the number of participating countries. From 2004, when the game was launched, until today the number of participating countries has grown from 3 up to 9. Moreover, the lottery is open to participants from other countries – they only need to have Internet connection to buy online tickets.

The source of the popularity of the lottery lies in its jackpots reaching even 185 m euro! Just imagine this amount of money… What would you buy? Maybe little island? Or two hundred of the most expensive cars?

Sounds tempting, right? Well, just take a look on the odds to win the jackpot, which is 1 in… 116,531,800! Not that tempting any more, huh? Don’t worry, the probability of winning something is much bigger, and is 1:13. If you are a resident of France probably even bigger. The country is famous for the number of the lottery winners.

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